Mike Remillard shares his in-depth knowledge of our community

A story by Biddeford Cultural & Heritage Center Voices of Biddeford project from 1950s to 2022

An interview with Michael "Mike" Remillard on April 7,2022

A near life-long Biddeford resident, Michael shared memories of growing up in Biddeford and how that impacted his life. The son of immigrants from Quebec, Canada, his identity as a Franco-American is something of which he is extremely proud.

Highlights from the interview include: information about his diverse work career (musician, education, law enforcement & information Technology); stories regarding St. Andre's school and church; his experience as a member of the last graduating class of St. Louis High School (1970), and painful memories of the St. Louis High School closing; his love of music and stories about the famed St Louis High School band and fond memories as a participant in the 1969 New York City St. Patrick’s Day Parade; his passion as a musician and member of the Bangor Symphony; the tragic case of the 1981 assault on his elderly uncle, Adelard Huot and murder of his aunt Delia; insights on submarines gained from his father's career at Portsmouth Naval Shipyard and his appreciation for the unique Casavant Opus 644 pipe organ at St. Andre's Church.

Recorded on April 7,2022

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1969 St. Louis High School band officers

1970 Mike directing St. Louis High School band