My Maine Stories

Everyone has a story... What's yours?

Everyone has a story. What's yours?

My Maine Stories is a storytelling forum that provides an online space for sharing your recollections about Maine. Stories might include your Maine experiences, memories of your family, ancestors, or town; your work life, or the impact of a historical event in Maine on you or your family. At the heart of My Maine Stories is the belief that the experience of every person with a Maine connection matters.

During this unprecedented time, please consider sharing YOUR stories about how you, your family, and community are experiencing the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Be a part of history and help preserve YOUR experience for future generations. We also seek stories about the 1918 Spanish Flu pandemic, polio epidemic, AIDS crisis, or other instances when your community responded to challenge. Learn why collecting COVID-19 stories matters.

How it works:

You can type your story, make a video, record audio, and upload photographs on the Tell My Story page. After a quick review, we'll post it online. Watch the training video to find out more.

Getting started:

  • Review the Story Guidelines for specifics.
  • Need some ideas on where to start? See some of our Story Prompts including submissions for COVID-19 stories.

Featured Stories

How roses became a big part of my life
by Clarence Rhodes

Clarence Rhodes's experiences growing, exhibiting, and judging roses in Maine and around the world.

Share your COVID-19 story for future generations
by Steve Bromage and Jamie Rice, Maine Historical Society

Learn how you can share your stories on Maine Memory Network

30 years of business in Maine
by Raj & Bina Sharma

30 years of business, raising a family, & showcasing our culture in Maine

Black Lives Matter Protest Portland, Maine
by Joanne Arnold

Documenting the signage at Portland Police Station following the BLM Protests of June 2020

An Asian American Account
by Zabrina

An account from a Chinese American teen during the COVID-19 pandemic.

During an epidemic, Sisters of Mercy came forward to serve
by Sr. Pat Mooney

Sister Mooney talked about her 55 years as a Sister of Mercy and her work with Mercy Hospital

Pandemic ruminations and the death of Rose Cleveland
by Tilly Laskey

Correlations between the 1918 and 2020 Pandemics

2020 Sheltering in Place Random Notes During COVID-19
by Phyllis Merriam, LCSW

Sheltering-in-Place personal experiences in mid-coast Maine (Rockland) during March and April 2020

C19 on Pine Point Beach
by Beth, Scarborough

Cancer patient experience during pandemic

My Africa Book and living in Portland
by Titi de Baccarat

My art is about being an immigrant in the US, my pain, fear, uncertainty, and hope for my future

One of the first abstract painters in Maine
by William Manning

I have grown as a painter in ways I might not have if I moved to New York

The Journey Home
by Gina Brooks

I am a Maliseet artist from the St. Mary’s First Nation, my work is about our connection to the land