My Maine Stories

Everyone has a story... What's yours?

Everyone has a story. What's yours?

My Maine Stories is a storytelling forum that provides an online space for sharing your recollections about Maine. Stories might include your Maine experiences, memories of your family, ancestors, or town; your work life, or the impact of a historical event in Maine on you or your family. At the heart of My Maine Stories is the belief that the experience of every person with a Maine connection matters.

During this unprecedented time, please consider sharing YOUR stories about how you, your family, and community are experiencing the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Be a part of history and help preserve YOUR experience for future generations. We also seek stories about the 1918 Spanish Flu pandemic, polio epidemic, AIDS crisis, or other instances when your community responded to challenge. Learn why collecting COVID-19 stories matters.

How it works:

You can type your story, make a video, record audio, and upload photographs on the Tell My Story page. After a quick review, we'll post it online. Watch the training video to find out more.

Getting started:

  • Review the Story Guidelines for specifics.
  • Need some ideas on where to start? See some of our Story Prompts including submissions for COVID-19 stories.

Featured Stories

Added April 25, 2022

My career as a wildlife biologist
by Ron Joseph

Rural Maine provided the foundation of a rewarding career as a wildlife biologist.

Added June 1, 2021

by Alivia Moore

Our shared future for all people in Wabanakiyik calls us to rematriate.

Added June 1, 2021

From Chinese Laundress to Mother of the Year
by Dr. Andrea Louie

Toy Len Goon's granddaughter recounts her immigration to the US and becoming Mother of the Year.

Added June 2, 2021

Margaret Moxa's Blanket Coat
by Jennifer Neptune

A contemporary artwork in memory of Penobscots murdered for scalp bounties.

Added June 2, 2021

Redlining and the Jewish Communities in Maine
by David Freidenreich

Federal and state policies created unfair housing practices against immigrants, like redlining.

Added June 2, 2021

Dancing through barriers
by Garrett Stewart

My Dad performed on the Dave Astor Show in Portland during the civil rights era.

Added June 1, 2021

Epidemic of violence against Indigenous people
by Michael-Corey F. Hinton

Systemic racism, murder, and the danger of stereotypes

Added May 5, 2021

We Are An Ordinary Family
by Catherine

Maine's abolitionists offer an answer to my questions about my family's experiences.

Added June 2, 2021

A New Beginning for Wabanaki Land Relationships
by John Banks

Wabanaki leadership in land stewardship

Added June 2, 2021

Cape Verde and the Doctrines of Discovery
by Lelia DeAndrade

My Cape Verde family's culture and history is tied to the Doctrines of Discovery

Added June 1, 2021

Reverend Thomas Smith of First Parish Portland
by Kristina Minister, Ph.D.

Pastor, Physician, Real Estate Speculator, and Agent for Wabanaki Genocide

Added June 1, 2021

Creating the Purr-Sist button
by Ellen Crocker

Motivated by the Women's March and Sen. Warren, I created these buttons

Added June 3, 2021

Anti-immigrant violence
by Matthew Jude Barker

Prejudice in Maine against immigrants dates back to at least the mid-1700s

Added June 3, 2021

Where are the French?
by Rhea Côté Robbins

Franco-Americans in Maine

Added June 3, 2021

Maine and the Atlantic World Slave Economy
by Seth Goldstein

How Maine's historic industries are tied to slavery

Added June 3, 2021

Waponahki Rematriation
by Sherri Mitchell Weh’na Ha’mu Kkwasset

Women's leadership in Wabanaki communities

Added June 11, 2021

My family and Malaga Island
by Charmagne Tripp

The state of Maine evicted all residents of Malaga Island in 1912.

Added January 12, 2021

How roses became a big part of my life
by Clarence Rhodes

Clarence Rhodes's experiences growing, exhibiting, and judging roses in Maine and around the world.