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General Maine Stories

Added June 15, 2023

Jim Paquette - preserving his Franco-American and musical roots
by Biddeford Cultural & Heritage Center

Lead singer of the iconic Black Hart Band shares insights of his life journey.

Added June 14, 2023

Jennie Aranovitch - honoring family legacy and Jewish identity
by Biddeford Cultural & Heritage Center

Her great-grandparents journey from Belarus through current day Jewish experience in Biddeford.

Added June 14, 2023

Lloyd LaFountain III family legacy and creating own path
by Biddeford Cultural & Heritage Center

Lloyd followed in his family’s footsteps of serving Biddeford and the State of Maine.

Added May 4, 2023

Maine Eye & Ear Infirmary Birth
by Anonymous

My birth at the Portland Eye & Ear Infirmary/ Children's Hospital in 1951

Added April 5, 2023

Minik Wallace 1891-1918
by Genevieve LeMoine, The Peary-MacMillan Arctic Museum

The life of Minik, an Inuit person from Greenland who grew up in New York City.

Added April 3, 2023

Warming Oceans
by David Reidmiller, Gulf of Maine Research Institute

The rate of warming in the Gulf of Maine is faster than that of more than 95% of the world’s oceans

Added March 30, 2023

Importance of Insects in Maine
by Charlene Donahue

Doing Insect surveys with the Maine Entomological Society

Added March 30, 2023

Lifelong Lepidopterist
by E. Christopher Livesay

Chris Livesay collects and studies butterflies.

Added March 23, 2023

Ivory-billed Woodpeckers
by Doug Hitchcox, Staff Naturalist at Maine Audubon

The Ivory-billed Woodpecker in the Portland Society of Natural History Collections

Added March 12, 2023

From Naturalists to Environmentalists
by Andy Beahm

The beginnings of Maine Audubon in the Portland Society of Natural History

Added February 23, 2023

What does a warming climate mean for Maine?
by David Reidmiller

Climate change affects all aspects of life. What does this mean for Maine?

Added January 26, 2023

The man who dedicated 52 years to Biddeford's iconic Alex Pizza
by Biddeford Cultural & Heritage Center

A work ethic learned from his parents and passion for the employees and customers of Alex Pizza.

Added January 26, 2023

Biddeford and Maine Franco-American Hall of Fame Award recipient
by Biddeford Cultural & Heritage Center

With options to be a college French professor, became a lawyer, mayor, DA & District Court Judge

Added July 18, 2022

Mike Remillard shares his in-depth knowledge of our community
by Biddeford Cultural & Heritage Center

You will learn a lot from Mike's fascination with many topics from church organs to submarines.

Added July 18, 2022

A tour of unique features at St. Andre's Catholic Church
by Biddeford Cultural & Heritage Center

A tour of unique features at St. Andre's Catholic Church

Added June 28, 2022

Born in Bangor 1936
by Priscilla M. Naile

Spending time at the Bangor Children's Home

Added April 25, 2022

My career as a wildlife biologist
by Ron Joseph

Rural Maine provided the foundation of a rewarding career as a wildlife biologist.

Added April 24, 2022

Josiah Parsons Home Westport Island Maine
by Deborah G. Greenleaf

Westport Island historical information

Added April 24, 2022

Saturday Evening Dances at the Westport Town Hall
by Deborah G. Greenleaf

Fond Memories of Westport Island

Added March 15, 2022

Rachel Tourigny: Richness of growing up in a big, "poor" family
by Biddeford Cultural & Heritage Center

A most vivid and heartwarming account of life during a simpler time

Added March 15, 2022

Charles "Chuck" Tsomides: devoted to family and local sports
by Biddeford Cultural & Heritage Center

A life influenced by Greek ancestry, love of music and appreciation for local community sports

Added March 14, 2022

Ted Truman (Throumoulos): A treasure trove of stories
by Biddeford Cultural & Heritage Center

A son of Greek immigrants’ insight into his entrepreneurial family, culture and life experiences

Added March 14, 2022

Cantor Beth & Dr David Strassler: personal insights on life
by Biddeford Cultural & Heritage Center

The journey of a couple devoted to each other, their family, their community and their religion

Added March 14, 2022

Elizabeth Mantis Spiliopoulos: passion for life & Greek heritage
by Biddeford Cultural & Heritage Center

A spunky 99-year-old shares her crystal-clear recollections of all the changes in her lifetime

Added March 14, 2022

Norman Sevigny: history of a neighborhood grocery store
by Biddeford Cultural & Heritage Center

Growing up in a Franco-American community and working in the family business, Sevigny’s Market

Added March 3, 2022

Michael Reilly: preserving an iconic family business
by Biddeford Cultural & Heritage Center

The story behind Reilly's Bakery, at the heart of Biddeford’s Main Street for 100+ years

Added February 23, 2022

Valeda Couture: a mother’s view on immigration of her children
by Biddeford Cultural & Heritage Center

Quebec farm life and a mother’s experience when 7 of her 12 children move to Biddeford.

Added February 22, 2022

Geraldine Litalien: painting a picture of life in Biddeford
by Biddeford Cultural & Heritage Center

Impact on everyday life from events occurring from the late 1920s through 2018

Added February 22, 2022

Alex Mouzas: Passionate about sharing his Greek-American roots
by Biddeford Cultural & Heritage Center

A personal, in-depth look into the life and contributions of area Greek-Americans

Added February 17, 2022

Father Renald Labarre: the life of a Catholic priest
by Biddeford Cultural & Heritage Center

A Biddeford native provides insights on his Franco-American roots and life as a Catholic priest.

Added February 17, 2022

Dr Michael Guignard: Passion for research & Franco-American root
by Biddeford Cultural & Heritage Center

A personal journey of life in a Franco-American community with unique insights on adoption

Added February 16, 2022

Sister Viola Lausier: Finance Director with a big heart
by Biddeford Cultural & Heritage Center

A life dedicated to applying financial and leadership expertise in the service of others.

Added February 15, 2022

Paul Gagne: Living a life fully engaged in his community
by Biddeford Cultural & Heritage Center

A man with a wide range of skills and talents shares them for the benefit of his community

Added February 11, 2022

Spiros Droggitis: From Biddeford to Washington DC and back
by Biddeford Cultural & Heritage Center

A Greek family's impact: from the iconic Wonderbar Restaurant to Washington DC

Added February 9, 2022

Sister Madeleine D’Anjou: Many detours lead to a rewarding life
by Biddeford Cultural & Heritage Center

What a journey! Sister Maddie says that "God writes straight on crooked lines."

Added February 8, 2022

Annette Addorio: 100+ years of memories from full life
by Biddeford Cultural & Heritage Center

From 1914 to 2018, highlights from my life in Biddeford

Added February 8, 2022

John Conroy: proud heir of a 4-generation business
by Biddeford Cultural & Heritage Center

The evolution of a family business providing funeral services

Added February 8, 2022

Sister Therese Bouthot:Life of service as a Good Shepherd sister
by Biddeford Cultural & Heritage Center

From humble beginnings to playing a leadership role in the service of others

Added February 2, 2022

Alice Bertrand shares highlights from her 100+ years
by Biddeford Cultural & Heritage Center

What is it like to live through all the events that have occurred in the past 100+ years?

Added January 28, 2022

Saga of a Sub Chaser S.C. 268 along Maine Coast

A look back at a Sub Chaser Crew on duty along the Maine coastline near the end of World War I

Added December 10, 2021

A first encounter with Bath and its wonderful history
by John Decker

Visiting the Maine Maritime Museum as part of a conference

Added November 2, 2021

An enjoyable conference, Portland 2021
by John C. Decker, Danville, Pennsylvania

Some snippets from a 4-day conference by transportation historians in Portland, September 7-11, 2021

Added August 2, 2021

Peace in Maine
by Rebekah Tower

My story is about my family vacations to Maine when I was growing up.

Added June 22, 2021

Harold's Garage, Rome Hollow, Maine
by Mimi C

Story about Harold Hawes, owner of Harold's garage and self-styled auctioneer in Rome Hollow, Maine

Added June 11, 2021

My family and Malaga Island
by Charmagne Tripp

The state of Maine evicted all residents of Malaga Island in 1912.

Added June 2, 2021

Dancing through barriers
by Garrett Stewart

My Dad performed on the Dave Astor Show in Portland during the civil rights era.

Added June 1, 2021

Reverend Thomas Smith of First Parish Portland
by Kristina Minister, Ph.D.

Pastor, Physician, Real Estate Speculator, and Agent for Wabanaki Genocide

Added May 12, 2021

Monument Square 1967
by C. Michael Lewis

The background story and research behind a commissioned painting of Monument Square.

Added March 25, 2021

A Story in a Stick
by Jim Moulton

A story about dowsing for a well in Bowdoin

Added January 12, 2021

How roses became a big part of my life
by Clarence Rhodes

Clarence Rhodes's experiences growing, exhibiting, and judging roses in Maine and around the world.

Added June 2, 2020

63 year Presque Isle High School Class Reunion
by Kathryn E Joy

What happens when there are no more reunions planned.

Added April 25, 2020

History of Forest Gardens
by Gary Libby

This is a history of one of Portland's oldest local bars

Added April 9, 2020

A Note from a Maine-American
by William Dow Turner

With 7 generations before statehood, and 5 generations since, Maine DNA carries on.

Added November 6, 2019

Movie Theaters in Portland Maine in the 1940s
by Ralph Bolduc

Ralph Bolduc shared his memories growing up in the movie theaters of Portland Maine in the 1940s.

Added November 6, 2019

Orphanage on Revere Street
by anonymous

An orphanage operated by a Mrs. Oliver on 54 Revere Street in Portland, Maine in 1930.

Added May 14, 2019

Maine family across the USA
by James Burton Wengler (Robinson)

A Maine family scattered across the USA

Added December 31, 2018

Documenting Portland's Neighborhood Bars
by David Read

Peanut House, Sportsman's Grill and a proposal to document Portland's Neighborhood Bars

Added December 31, 2018

Portland Bars: Carlo's and Boothby Square
by anonymous

Carlo Giobbi on his family's Portland Bars: Carlo's and Boothby Square

Added October 9, 2018

Carrabassett Village and the Red Stallion Inn circa 1960
by David Rollins

The creation of Carrabassett Village and the Red Stallion Inn at Sugarloaf USA

Added August 24, 2018

A Smart Horse
by Lynn Peasley Sanborn

The horse brings the hay home while the boys are swimming.

Added August 8, 2018

How Mom caught Dad
by Jane E. Woodman

How Ruth and Piney met in Wilton and started a life together

Added August 6, 2018

Portland in the 1940s
by Carol Norton Hall

As a young woman in Portland during WWII, the presence of servicemen was life changing.

Added June 21, 2018

Picture This: Life on Hancock St, Bangor Maine
by anonymous

A conversation with Jay Millet, who grew up on Hancock St in Bangor Maine during the depression.

Added June 21, 2018

Stories from Eastport
by Ruth McInnis

My memories of growing up in Eastport, WWII, camping, and history on the border

Added April 27, 2018

I'm fortunate to live in Livermore Falls
by Kenny Jacques

I've seen a lot of changes in Livermore Falls, and hope we will reinvent again soon.

Added January 31, 2018

Why I came to Maine and what's kept me here
by Kate Webber

I came to Maine for college but then got involved in contradance and museums.

Added November 14, 2017

Baxter State Park and Burton W. Howe
by Jason Howe

Formation of Baxter State Park and the involvement of Burton W. Howe of Patten

Added November 14, 2017

Memories of working at the Criterion Theatre
by Vernon L. Cox

Working as a teenager with projectionest Roy Blake at the Criterion Theater

Added November 14, 2017

A case of mistaken animal identity
by Judy Loeven

The time my neighbor's dog Tyson got away, or so I thought.

Added November 14, 2017

Growing up in Lewiston
by Kathy Becvar

Growing up in Lewiston in the 1960s and 1970s.

Added October 13, 2017

Working as a telephone operator in the 1940s
by Doris Tardy

Working as a telephone operator in 1946 was new and exciting, and challenging.

Added June 7, 2017

Langdon Burton and the Cold, Wet Tourists
by Phil Tedrick

A father and son have their vacation experience totally changed by an encounter with a fisherman

Added March 22, 2017

My father's world - the old farm in Richmond, Maine
by Donald C. Cunningham

A story about my father and our family.

Added March 14, 2017

A Lifelong Romance with Retail
by George A Smith

Maine's once plentiful small retail stores.

Added March 14, 2017

Growing up DownEast
by Darrin MC Mclellan

Stories of growing up Downeast

Added January 30, 2017

Story of the "little nun"
by Felicia Garant

My grandmother made a nun's outfit for me

Added December 7, 2016

What Maine Means to Me
by Nicolette B. Meister

How a friendship created a lifelong love of Maine.

Added December 7, 2016

Ogunquit Beach Sonnet
by Shannon Schooley

Sonnet written for school when I was 12 years old.