What did I do during the Covid quarantine?

A story by Nasser Rohani from Baha'i Community from 2020

Individuals respond to Covid and social distancing.

2020 was a very tough year for all of us in the community. Pandemic and all social and economic issues that came with it, racial injustice demonstrations, social distancing and school closures, etc., - all took a toll on the community.

In the Greater Portland area, some of the community members came up with the most novel ideas to help themselves as well as shed some hope on others. This video is a documentary of interviews made with six of these individuals. It was initiated by the Baha’is in collaboration with some Portland Area Climate Action Team (PCAT) members. I had the pleasure of interviewing these individuals. In addition, in December we held a candle-light memorial in Congress Square for 3 days.

In January 2021 we held a zoom memorial gathering in Portland and showcased the film, mourned the loss of lives, and prayed for the progress of their souls in the next world.

To succeed in recovery from such a disaster, an event or a memorial is not enough. We need to work in our neighborhoods continuously to bring joy and enthusiasm to people. In the Portland area, we held several zoom meetings, ranging from cooking classes to poetry nights to some art classes. Dozens of people attended the sessions and enjoyed the virtual get-together. We shared and learned and laughed and ate together.

One of the slides in the Covid pandemic memorial service

One of the cooking classes on zoom

Poetry night

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