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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Stories

Added June 22, 2021

"Mama sings 'get your hands up'": Maria's Diary June 2020
by Maria

Maria, 7 years old, records impressions of staying with her grandparents in Somesville in June 2020.

Added May 28, 2021

Two-minute Tale of the Pandemic
by Nancy Creighton Collins

What everyday life was like during the beginning of the pandemic.

Added March 22, 2021

What did I do during the Covid quarantine?
by Nasser Rohani from Baha'i Community

Individuals response to Covid and social distancing.

Added October 21, 2020

Passing the time during the Pandemic
by Don V

Building a strip canoe

Added September 10, 2020

by Leslie

Having only moved to Maine alone 8 months prior, had to freeze my life

Added June 9, 2020

An Asian American Account
by Zabrina

An account from a Chinese American teen during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Added May 11, 2020

Being an NP during social unrest
by Jacqueline P. Fournier

A snapshot of Mainers in a medical crisis of the time/Human experience in Maine.

Added May 8, 2020

Ode To Wuhan
by Darlene Reardon

COVID-19 poem

Added May 8, 2020

The New Normal
by Darlene Reardon

COVID-19 Poem

Added May 8, 2020

Pandemic Blues
by Darlene Reardon

Covid 19 Portland poem

Added May 7, 2020

Classroom Time Capsule
by Anna Bennett

On March 12, 2020, I left my classroom not knowing I wouldn't return again for months.

Added May 6, 2020

C19 on Pine Point Beach
by Beth, Scarborough

Cancer patient experience during pandemic

Added May 5, 2020

Bad time to have Cancer
by Robert Abisi

Very difficult having Cancer when coronavirus is happening. Can’t even get my appointment.

Added April 30, 2020

Appreciation sign for essential health care workers
by Henry J Gartley

A neighbor expresses their appreciation for the workers at a local nursing home.

Added April 22, 2020

Share your COVID-19 story for future generations
by Steve Bromage and Jamie Rice, Maine Historical Society

Learn how you can share your stories on Maine Memory Network

Added April 17, 2020

2020 Sheltering in Place Random Notes During COVID-19
by Phyllis Merriam, LCSW

Sheltering-in-Place personal experiences in mid-coast Maine (Rockland) during March and April 2020

Added April 14, 2020

Pandemic ruminations and the death of Rose Cleveland
by Tilly Laskey

Correlations between the 1918 and 2020 Pandemics