Being an NP during social unrest

A story by Jacqueline P. Fournier from 2020

Crisis brings out the best in us but can also bring the worst. And this was the case with COVID-19 pandemic.

As a Nurse Practitioner and native Mainer I saw acts of bravery in community drives to obtain medical equipment for first line caregivers: nurses, aides, therapists, physicians, housekeeping and many more. I saw families struggle when they could not be at the bedside of those they love while vulnerable in the hospital or hospice house. And I saw the love of families who home schooled and juggled the necessity of working. I saw commitment to the economy when small businesses creatively worked out curbside or delivery services. They did this to meet a need for their customers and to keep employees working. I saw acts of fear in protests at the Capitol when Mainers in camouflage, guns and wielding vulgar posters shared the unsafe voice of Republican politicians instead of the medical community.

The strong, weak, fearful, young or old we survive in a setting of uncertainty and angst.