Maine family across the USA

A story by James Burton Wengler (Robinson) from 1942 to 2019

William E. Robinson, Mars Hill, ca. 1910

William E. Robinson, Mars Hill, ca. 1910

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Aroostook County Historical and Art Museum

The Robinson family as best I have researched, started out in Robinson, Maine. I see a picture of my ancestor on your web site for William E. Robinson. He was farmer and lumberman. He died the year I was born 1942.

My parents proceeded to divorce and their names were Clara F. Lee and James A. Robinson. My mother remarried Carl J. Wengler and so I have lived as James B. Wengler since 1952. About fifteen years ago I started the genealogy quest and have been astounded to find out about so many things about the Robinsons.

I have been up a few times to see that part of Maine and was assigned at one time to mange the service of our large computer at Bowdoin College. I also stayed in close touch with my grandparents Oscar and June Robinson who moved to Torrance, California in the 1950s. I continue the genealogy quest and have been helped by many people along the way.

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