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Item 104322

U.S. Government Department of Agriculture food chart, 1943

Contributed by: Maine Historical Society Date: 1943 Media: Lithograph

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Item 20806

U.S. Customs, Jackman, 1936

Contributed by: St. Croix Historical Society Date: 1936 Location: Jackman Media: Postcard

Item 22394

John Holmes, Alfred, ca. 1840

Contributed by: Maine Historical Society Date: circa 1840 Location: Alfred Media: Engraving

Tax Records

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Item 50794

Assessor's Record, 65-79 Exchange Street, Portland, 1924

Owner in 1924: U.S. Government Use: Post Office

Architecture & Landscape

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Item 110149

U.S. Post Office, Portland, 1932

Contributed by: Maine Historical Society Date: 1932 Location: Portland; Portland Client: United States Post Office Architect: John Calvin Stevens John Howard Stevens Architects

Item 109732

U.S. Post Office, Lewiston, ca. 1933

Contributed by: Maine Historical Society Date: circa 1933 Location: Lewiston Client: United States Postal Service Architect: not listed

Item 111555

Barracks in Togus, Chelsea, 1900

Contributed by: Maine Historical Society Date: 1900–1935 Location: Chelsea; Eastport Client: Eastern Branch N.H.D.V.S. Architect: John Calvin Stevens and John Howard Stevens Architects

Online Exhibits

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Margaret Chase Smith: A Historic Candidacy

When she announced her candidacy for President in January 1964, three-term Republican Senator Margaret Chase Smith became the first woman to seek the nomination of one of the two major political parties.


The Washburns of Livermore

Members of the Washburn family of Livermore participated in the Civil War in a variety of ways -- from Caroline at the homefront, to Samuel at sea, Elihu, as a Congressman from Illinois, and Israel governor of Maine. The family had considerable influence politically on several fronts.


Maine Politicians, National Leaders

From the early days of Maine statehood to the present, countless Maine politicians have made names for themselves on the national stage.

Site Pages

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Site Page

Maine's Road to Statehood - After the War: The First Victory for Separationists

… This painting depicts an 1813 battle between the U.S. Brig Enterprise and the British Brig Boxer off of Monhegan Island.

Site Page

Maine's Road to Statehood - The American Revolution and Early Attempts at Separation - Page 2 of 2

… in Philadelphia completed its rewriting of the U.S. Constitution, local papers dedicated its commentary to national matters and suspended talk of…

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Life on a Tidal River - Bangor and the Civil War Resources

Washington: Government Printing Office, 1868. U.S. Quartermaster’s Dept. Roll of Honor (No. XIV). Names of Soldiers who, In Defense of the American…

My Maine Stories

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The Equal Freedom to Marry
by Mary L Bonauto

Marriage Equality, Maine, and the U.S. Supreme Court


Florence Ahlquist Link's WWII service in the WAVES
by Earlene Ahlquist Chadbourne

Florence Ahlquist, age 20, was trained to repair the new aeronautical cameras by the US Navy in WWII


A Maine Family's story of being Prisoners of War in Manila
by Nicki Griffin

As a child, born after the war, I would hear these stories - glad they were finally written down

Lesson Plans

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Lesson Plan

Bicentennial Lesson Plan

Teddy Roosevelt, Millie, and the Elegant Ride Companion Curriculum

Grade Level: 3-5, 6-8 Content Area: Social Studies
These lesson plans were developed by Maine Historical Society for the Seashore Trolley Museum as a companion curriculum for the historical fiction YA novel "Teddy Roosevelt, Millie, and the Elegant Ride" by Jean. M. Flahive (2019). The novel tells the story of Millie Thayer, a young girl who dreams of leaving the family farm, working in the city, and fighting for women's suffrage. Millie's life begins to change when a "flying carpet" shows up in the form of an electric trolley that cuts across her farm and when a fortune-teller predicts that Millie's path will cross that of someone famous. Suddenly, Millie finds herself caught up in events that shake the nation, Maine, and her family. The lesson plans in this companion curriculum explore a variety of topics including the history of the trolley use in early 20th century Maine, farm and rural life at the turn of the century, the story of Theodore Roosevelt and his relationship with Maine, WWI, and the flu pandemic of 1918-1920.

Lesson Plan

LGBTQ+ History in Maine

Grade Level: 6-8, 9-12, Postsecondary Content Area: Social Studies
This lesson presents an overview of the history of the LGBTQ community in Maine and the U.S., including the ways in which attitudes towards the LGBTQ community have changed over time, some of the ways LGBTQ people have faced discrimination and unfair treatment, and some of the moments in Maine and U.S. history that inspired LGBTQ people and their allies to fight for equality and LGBTQ rights.

Lesson Plan

World War I and the U.S. Home Front

Grade Level: 9-12 Content Area: Social Studies
Learn about World War I using primary sources from Maine Memory Network and the Library of Congress.