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Maine Architecture & Landscape Database

Search architectural and landscape commissions, ca. 1850 to present, including Maine architects and designers; projects in Maine or for Maine residents; and out-of-state commissions by Maine architects. Designs include drawings for urban, coastal, and rural communities, as well as landscape design, parks, urban planning, and planned communities. Search the Commissions.

Beyond Borders: Mapping Maine and the American Northeast Boundary

Pejepscot Proprietors now online! Explore this and two forth coming collections related to Maine land use from 1625 to 1893, including natural resources, economic distribution and Wabanaki sovereignty. They document the settlement and establishment of northern New England, specifically coastal and interior Maine, and along the Canadian border.

Historic Clothing Collection

An interpretive introduction and overview of Maine Historical Society's historic dress collection, ca. 1775 to 1980. Featuring over 220 items, the site includes narratives, chronological groupings documenting trends and style, and themed image galleries highlighting special topics.

Early Maine Photography

Maine Historical Society maintains one of the largest and most significant collections of early Maine-related photographs in existence. It offers extensive insight into the history of the state, as well as to the development of photography as a technology, discipline, art, occupation, cultural phenomenon, and language.

Portland Press Herald Glass Negative Collection

The Portland Press Herald Glass Negative Collection at Maine Historical Society includes over 19,000 images, highlighting themes and topics ca. 1900-1950. Taken for the "Portland Press Herald" and Portland "Evening Express," the photographs document all aspects of life throughout Maine.

John Martin: Expert Observer

Beginning in 1864 John Martin (1823-1904) of Bangor recorded experiences of his family, business, and social life with an illustrated narrative intended for his children. An accountant by trade, he recorded details of subjects including architecture, dance, fashion, gardening, politics, business, religion, and the world around him.

Portland Tax Records, 1924

The City of Portland’s collection of images and tax assessments for Portland in 1924. The 131 books contain ca. 30,000 pages. Each page recorded a single taxable property and provided valuable information, including the property's use, building's age, current owner, original building materials and finishes, and assessed value in 1924.