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Recent Stories

by Leslie

Having only moved to Maine alone 8 months prior, had to freeze my life

Black Is Beautiful
by Judi Jones

Gut wrenching fear

Black Lives Matter Protest Portland, Maine
by Joanne Arnold

Documenting the signage at Portland Police Station following the BLM Protests of JUNE 2020

An Asian American Account
by Zabrina

An account from a Chinese American teen during the COVID-19 pandemic.

63 year Presque Isle High School Class Reunion
by Kathryn E Joy

What happens when there are no more reunions planned.

Being an NP during social unrest
by Jacqueline P. Fournier

A snapshot of Mainers in a medical crisis of the time/Human experience in Maine.

Ode To Wuhan
by Darlene Reardon

COVID-19 poem

The New Normal
by Darlene Reardon

COVID-19 Poem

Pandemic Blues
by Darlene Reardon

Covid 19 Portland poem

Classroom Time Capsule
by Anna Bennett

On March 12, 2020, I left my classroom not knowing I wouldn't return again for months.

C19 on Pine Point Beach
by Beth, Scarborough

Cancer patient experience during pandemic

Bad time to have Cancer
by Robert Abisi

Very difficult having Cancer when coronavirus is happening. Can’t even get my appointment.