Awards and Articles


The Maine Memory Network has received awards or recognition from the following organizations:


Several scholarly and popular articles have been written about the Maine Memory Network including:

  • The Portland Press Herald
    • "Through the eyes of Longfellow"
    • "Down load memory lane"
    • "Maine history going online"
    • "Putting faces on Portland's antislavery struggle"
  • Bangor Daily News: "Milford students catalog town history on the web"
  • Down East Magazine: "Peering into the Past"
  • Access Learning Magazine: "Saving Hometown History"
  • The Journal of American History: Web Site Review
  • The Organization of American Historians
  • New England Archivists: "Maine Memory Network: The Challenges of Digital Collaboration"
  • Collections: A Journal of Museum and Archives Professionals: "Digitizing and Imaging Review"
  • Family Tree Magazine: "101 Best Websites for Tracing Your Roots"

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