Making the wapi-kuhkukhahs / Snowy Owl basket

A story by Gabriel Frey and Gal Frey from 2023

Gal Frey and Gabriel Frey discussed making wapi-kuhkukhahs in January 2023

The wapi-kuhkukhahs / Snowy Owl basket is the first collaboration between Gal Frey and her son, Gabriel Frey. Gabriel cut, pounded, and processed the ash, using only the very inner sapling sections that are snowy white. It took four years and many trees to get enough ash to weave this purse basket, using a porcupine or pointed technique in the front to mimic the owl feathers. Gal Frey beaded the owl face on the lid of the basket, using over 20 different hues of white, creating the illusion of three dimensions.

"wapi-kuhkukhahs” or Snowy Owl basket, Orono, 2022

"wapi-kuhkukhahs” or Snowy Owl basket, Orono, 2022

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