Blessing of the Creatures MAINEUSA

A story by Marty Pottenger from 2020

Passamaquoddy Drum Song reunites humans with our connection to the Earth and her creatures.

Vera Francis (Passamaquoddy) and Marty Pottenger created this "Blessing of the Creatures'" to celebrate Earth Day 2020 and honor all the creatures of the Earth, including us humans. The Passamaquoddy Drum Song Vera Francis sang in this video was reunited with the Passamaquoddy people through recordings that were made in 1890 on wax cylinders. It is held in reverence as one of the most ancient songs and offered here as a Blessing of the Creatures.

This "Blessing of the Creatures" begins a community performance project called "MAINEUSA: the history of Maine from the Ice Age till Now". Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, our celebrations that would have featured puppets, music, dance and lots of stories have been postponed. We send out this blessing hoping that this time of grief, challenge, and change become a time of renewal, reevaluation, and recommitment to the well-being of the Earth and all her creatures, including us.

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