Wabanaki Fashion

A story by Decontie & Brown from 2019

Gingham Glam Dress, 2019 and Gingham Glam Trench Coat, 2018 by Decontie & Brown with fashion sketch, Santa Fe Fashion Show runway photograph of Geo Neptune wearing the Gingham Glam trench coat (Courtesy Bazhnibah Photography, Ruth Kawano), and photo of Dalaylun Demmons in the Gingham Glam Dress (Courtesy of Jason K. Brown). Installation at Maine Historical Society, Portland, Maine for the exhibition Holding Up The Sky, April 12, 2019-February 1, 2020.

Jason K. Brown (Penobscot) and Donna Decontie Brown (Penobscot/Algonquin) are jewelry and fashion designers who celebrate their creativity and Penobscot heritage through their company, Decontie & Brown.

Wabanaki people have always designed and decorated their clothing in beautiful and innovative ways. The 1865 photographs of Molly Molasses wearing her checkered coat, peaked hat, and trade silver inspired the Gingham Glam series. Of this work, Jason Brown said,
"It’s a great honor to keep the spirit and memories of our ancestors alive through fashion and creativity. When a new creation is inspired by the old ones, we can feel them looking over our shoulder with pride, knowing that their beautiful energy will continue to move forward through the world."

Molly Molasses, Bangor, ca. 1865

Molly Molasses, Bangor, ca. 1865

Item Contributed by
Bangor Historical Society

Dalaylun Demmons (Passamaquoddy) wearing Decontie & Brown fashion and jewelry. Courtesy of Jason K. Brown.

Molly Molasses fashion concept sketch, 2018 by Jason K. Brown (Penobscot).
Courtesy of Decontie & Brown.

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