A Loon's World

A story by Norma Salway from 2018

The loons of Songo Pond

Up popped the black majestic head,
Out of the waters on which it fed.

The loon stretched its neck to gaze around,
Watching who entered her family compound.

Resting my paddle upon my knee,
I gazed from my kayak silently.

Keeping my distance to let her play,
She called for others to join the display.

Soon all were grooming while taking a bath,
Pruning and diving while I quietly laughed,
Splashing and frolicking in pure delight,
The loons on Songo are a spiritual sight.

These marvels of nature return each year,
Annually building their nesting home here.

Their haunting calls and melodious songs,
Announce to Songo, this is where we belong.