The best lobster roll in Maine!

A story by Debbie Gagnon

A Red's Eats lobster roll

Red's Eats take out lobster shack in Wiscasset has continually been named Maine's #1 Lobster Roll in countless "Best Lists".

My family, the Gagnons, are celebrating our 40th year of owning the business. My father, Allen Gagnon ran Red's Eats until his death. Now my siblings and I manage it.

We pride ourselves on a lobster roll that’s made using only the freshest local lobster meat, piled high onto a buttered, grilled, New England–style hot-dog bun. Butter and mayonnaise are served on the side. Last season, from April to October, we served 14.5 tons of fresh lobster meat and 2.5 tons of butter!

How to make a Red's Eats Lobster Roll
Plenty of fresh, cooked lobster meat, including an entire tail (split and de-veined), 2 whole claws and knuckle meat
Split-top hot dog buns
Melted butter
Mayonnaise (extra-heavy)

Grill a split-top hot dog bun with Kate's Maine Butter. Brush both sides of the roll with Kate's butter and grill until golden brown.
Tear lobster meat (tails, claws and knuckle meat) into bite-size pieces. Never use a knife; this can impart an oxidized-metal flavor to seafood.
Fill the grilled roll with tail, knuckle and claw meat. Put whole claws at each end of the roll (sticking out).
Top the roll with the entire tail, split in two.
Serve with Kate's Maine Butter and extra-heavy mayonnaise on the side.
Let your guests do as they choose. We recommend dipping the tails in the butter.
Drizzle the butter over the entire roll.

Crowds surrounding Red's Eats, 2017

Red's Eats, 1958