Amato's Italian Sandwiches

A story by Charles V. Stanhope from 1980's

My parents grew up and attended schools on Munjoy Hill. My mother fondly remembered taking her 25 cents to India Street, during school lunch time break, to get an Amato's Italian sandwich. All my life long, our family gathered over countless Italians over the years - for ourselves and to share with friends, family and visitors.

I worked many years in Washington, DC, and, whenever I was home for a visit, I was truly "home" when I enjoyed an Italian - they taste the same to me as they from my childhood, and, without a doubt, as they tasted to my mother back in the 1920's.

Friends “from away” came to our family camp on Panther Pond in Raymond (my grandfather built it in 1928) during the 1980's. My parents headed "upta camp" to greet them and see that they were settled in. My parents announced they would bringing “Italians.” My friends expected to meet a family of international travelers, but they were introduced to this unique Portland sandwich. This is a story my family continues to enjoy all these years later.

Amato's Italian sandwiches - a life-long touchstone for me and my family.