My Paper Industry career and setting up a museum

A story by Sherry Judd from 1970s-2017

Sherry Judd talks about her extensive career in paper related industries, her community, and starting the Maine's Paper and Heritage Museum.

The mills made our communities, by attracting immigrants and people to the woods. It bloomed in the 1970s and then along came technology, which hurt the industry. The Paper Industry has been good to us, and good to the area.

I worked in the Otis and Androscoggin mills, and for businesses that fed the paper industry. Later on, I worked for the Department of Corrections with juveniles.

In 2002, I was part of a group that started Maine's Paper and Heritage Museum. I saw generations passing without being documented, and so much history being lost. The Museum is in Livermore Falls entrepreneur, Alvin Record's former home.