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Item 14808

'Harper's Young People,' December 7, 1880

Contributed by: An individual through South Portland Public Library Date: 1880-12-07 Location: South Portland Media: Newspaper

Item 17068

People of East Fryeburg

Contributed by: Fryeburg Historical Society Date: circa 1890 Location: Fryeburg Media: Photographic print

Item 23409

Wabanaki people paddle Gov. Milliken around Deering Park, Portland, 1920

Contributed by: Maine Historical Society/MaineToday Media Date: 1920 Location: Portland Media: Glass Negative

Tax Records

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Item 35938

36-38 Casco Street, Portland, 1924

Owner in 1924: Fannie B Weislander Use: Dwelling - Two Family and Store

Item 35939

36-38 Casco Street, Portland, 1924

Owner in 1924: Fannie B. Weislander Use: Store Building

Item 36663

57-59 Center Street, Portland, 1924

Owner in 1924: Margaret R McDonald Use: Dwelling & Store


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People, Pets & Portraits

Informal family photos often include family pets -- but formal, studio portraits and paintings also often feature one person and one pet, in formal attire and pose.


Art of the People: Folk Art in Maine

For many different reasons people saved and carefully preserved the objects in this exhibit. Eventually, along with the memories they hold, the objects were passed to the Maine Historical Society. Object and memory, serve as a powerful way to explore history and to connect to the lives of people in the past.


Holding up the Sky: Wabanaki people, culture, history, and art

Learn about Native diplomacy and obligation by exploring 13,000 years of Wabanaki residence in Maine through 17th century treaties, historic items, and contemporary artworks—from ash baskets to high fashion. Wabanaki voices contextualize present-day relevance and repercussions of 400 years of shared histories between Wabanakis and settlers to their region.

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Early Maine Photography - Famous People - Page 1 of 3

Famous People Dolley Madison, ca. 1840Item Contributed byMaine Historical Society Dolly Madison Remembered as one of America’s great first…

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Early Maine Photography - Famous People - Page 2 of 3

Famous People Hannibal Hamlin, ca. 1860Item Contributed byMaine Historical Society Hannibal Hamlin This ambrotype of Hannibal Hamlin…

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Early Maine Photography - Famous People - Page 3 of 3

Famous People Governor Enoch Lincoln Enoch Lincoln, ParisItem Contributed byMaine Historical Society Governor Enoch Lincoln died in 1829, a…

My Maine Stories

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My Involvement in Maine sports over the years
by Dick Whitmore

The key people and influences in my life growing up and my involvement in Maine sports


Hooch Mum and my Vietnam service
by Jim Barrows

A poem about being a medic, saving Vietnamese people and babies. Sometimes we trusted too much.


Aroostook Potato Harvest: Perspective of a Six Year Old
by Phyllis A. Blackstone

A child's memory of potato harvest in the 1950s