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Immigration Stories

Added December 20, 2023

From Istanbul to Machias
by Zeynep Turk

Zeynep Turk talks about moving from Istanbul, Turkey to Machias, Maine for school.

Added December 19, 2023

From France to Farmington
by Celine Couillaut

I arrived in Maine and never left.

Added February 23, 2022

Nicole Morin-Scribner: living the dreams of her immigrant parent
by Biddeford Cultural & Heritage Center

A 6-year-old immigrant makes the most of her opportunities while staying connected to her roots

Added February 23, 2022

Aurore Morin & Huguette Paquette: immigrating to Biddeford
by Biddeford Cultural & Heritage Center

The experience of a young mother and her teenage sister making the transition from Quebec to Maine.

Added February 15, 2022

Hasan Jasim: Putting his life on the line for this country
by Biddeford Cultural & Heritage Center

An Iraqi interpreter shares insights on the value and price of freedom

Added June 3, 2021

Anti-immigrant violence
by Matthew Jude Barker

Prejudice in Maine against immigrants dates back to at least the mid-1700s

Added June 3, 2021

Where are the French?
by Rhea Côté Robbins

Franco-Americans in Maine

Added June 2, 2021

Cape Verde and the Doctrines of Discovery
by Lelia DeAndrade

My Cape Verde family's culture and history is tied to the Doctrines of Discovery

Added June 2, 2021

Redlining and the Jewish Communities in Maine
by David Freidenreich

Federal and state policies created unfair housing practices against immigrants, like redlining.

Added June 1, 2021

From Chinese Laundress to Mother of the Year
by Dr. Andrea Louie

Toy Len Goon's granddaughter recounts her immigration to the US and becoming Mother of the Year.

Added March 29, 2019

Julia Winters and Life in Lewiston/Auburn, Maine
by Judy Zaccagnini Flynn, granddaughter

6 year old sent to Maine foster home when her parents were unable to care for her

Added August 6, 2018

The gift of a necklace
by Parivash Rohani

When I was born my grandmother gave me a part of a Baha’i prayer for protection.

Added January 31, 2018

Growing up in Lewiston and running Museum L-A
by Rachel Desgrosseilliers

Growing up Franco-American and honoring our mill working heritage

Added November 14, 2017

How Mon-Oncle France came to Les-États
by Michael Parent

How Mon-Oncle France came to the United States.

Added October 14, 2017

The stories my parents told
by Henry Gartley

Stories from my immigrant parents, WWII, and my love of history.

Added October 13, 2017

My Italian grandparents and visiting their homeland
by Sherry Judd

A story about my Italian ancestors in Maine and how I found my family in Italy.

Added December 7, 2016

Love is greater than peace, For peace is founded upon love
by Parivash Rohani

My journey from Iran to Maine