Create Your Own Album

Use the Maine Memory Network Album tool to share your favorites and stories!

Screenshot of album tool

Collect your favorites
MMN's Album Tool allows you to collect and annotate your favorite items from MMN into one place. You can have as many albums as you want and they are a great way to organize and go back to your favorite images.

Easy to use
The Album tool is as easy to use as clicking your mouse. You can simply add images from the search results page by clicking on a link.

Sharing is simple
Each album you create will have its own web address that you can email and share with friends, family, students, teachers, or put on your blog for the world to see.

Albums are displayed as slideshows on Maine Memory Network. They are private but as soon as you email the link to someone, they can access the slideshow.

Attention Teachers
Albums are a great way to engage students on Maine Memory Network. We can help you design a lesson around the album tool. Students can gather important images and annotate each one to share with you or the classroom.

Are you a publisher or working on a joint project? Gather the images you want from MMN in your album and share it with your partners. They can edit the album also. It makes a great collaborative tool.

More information about creating albums

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