Zelia Lunt, 1846

Zelia A. Lunt diary, Westbrook, 1843-1844

Zelia A. Lunt diary, Westbrook, 1843-1844
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Zelia Lunt kept a diary or day book from April 18, 1843 until at least Dec. 31, 1854.

In it, she records daily events, comments on her education, on teaching, on her social life, family and friends, and considerable information about the world around her.

In 1846, she wrote: "Many may consider this practice of committing to paper the thoughts, feelings and events of the day, however simple, as a foolish waste of time; but to me it does not appear so.

"Ease is thus acquired in the narrative style of writing and much that is often important and interesting to remember, is saved from
sinking into the role of forgetfulness."

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