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These sites were created for each contributing partner or as part of collaborative community projects through Maine Memory. Learn about collaborative projects on MMN.

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Blue Hill, Maine - A Real Downeast County Fair

Postcard of the trotting park in Blue Hill ca. 1910Item Contributed byBlue Hill Public Library Once you step through the ticket booth, in front of…

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Presque Isle: The Star City - John R Braden

Raymond C. Rodgers wrote a poem printed in The Trot and Pacer, Christmas 1922 which describes the rivalry between the three pacers.

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Farmington: Franklin County's Shiretown - Agriculture

… At the time, the fair grounds were known as the “trotting park.” This oval was created to keep horse races off of Main St.

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New Portland: Bridging the Past to the Future - North New Portland Village

… Fair in 1933, its location also known as The Trotting Park. It was the most important event to everyone around the area.