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These sites were created for each contributing partner or as part of collaborative community projects through Maine Memory. Learn about collaborative projects on MMN.

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Historic Hallowell - Disasters - Natural and Man-made

"… and uploaded images, prepared poems, timelines, cartoons, maps, podcasts, and other creative supports."

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Rum, Riot, and Reform - Quenching the Thirst

"X A New Yorkers Visit to Maine Cartoon in Puck magazine, 1886 Courtesy of Arlene Palmer Schwind This cartoon satirizes many people's approach to…"

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Margaret Chase Smith Library

View collections, facts, and contact information for this Contributing Partner.

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Rum, Riot, and Reform - Bootleggers vs. Police

"Prohibition cartoon, ca. 1925Maine Historical Society Prohibition's effectiveness in Jackman and Quebec, ca."

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Rum, Riot, and Reform - Drinking: Elegance and Debauchery

"… to 1865: Temperance and the Maine Law Cartoon, Portland Watch or Cracking Notes, ca. 1840Maine Historical Society Portland Watch or…"

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Mount Desert Island: Shaped by Nature - Movies Come To The Island

"… Star but on Saturday afternoons, one could see a cartoon double-feature for only 15 cents. The opening of the Criterion in June of 1932 was a…"

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Rum, Riot, and Reform - Politics and Enforcement

"In Bunkers cartoon, knowing politicians muzzle the Sturgis deputies while claiming they backed Prohibition measures. Rumseller rodents run free."

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Highlighting Historical Hampden - Riverside Park

"… including popular Buster Brown comedy shorts, and cartoons were shown on weekends. Riverside Park also hosted private business parties as well as…"

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Rum, Riot, and Reform - A Call to Temperance

"… saloon, clearly depicts Irish-Americans in a cartoon style with the hat and pipe still used to symbolize the Irish."

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Presque Isle: The Star City - History of Presque Isle

"Webster-Ashburton Treaty cartoon, Fort Kent, ca. 1842Maine Historical Society The boundary dispute between Maine and Great Britain had been an…"