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Bureau of Parks and Lands social distancing poster, Freeport, 2020

Courtesy of an individual partner Date: 2020-04-07 Location: Freeport Media: Digital image

Item 105850

COVID-19 signs on the ferry dock at Long Island, 2020

Courtesy of Nancy Noble, an individual partner Date: 2020-05-07 Location: Long Island Media: Digital image

Item 105857

Ordering protocols at Coffee By Design, Portland, 2020

Courtesy of an individual partner Date: 2020-05-06 Location: Portland Media: Digital image

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Begin Again: reckoning with intolerance in Maine

BEGIN AGAIN explores Maine's historic role, going back 528 years, in crisis that brought about the pandemic, social and economic inequities, and the Black Lives Matter movement in 2020.


Les Raquetteurs

In the early 1600s, French explorers and colonizers in the New World quickly adopted a Native American mode of transportation to get around during the harsh winter months: the snowshoe. Most Northern societies had some form of snowshoe, but the Native Americans turned it into a highly functional item. French settlers named snowshoes "raquettes" because they resembled the tennis racket then in use.


The Trolley Parks of Maine

At the heyday of trolleys in Maine, many of the trolley companies developed recreational facilities along or at the end of trolley lines as one further way to encourage ridership. The parks often had walking paths, dance pavilions, and various other entertainments. Cutting-edge technology came together with a thirst for adventure and forever changed social dynamics in the process.

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Strong, a Mussul Unsquit village - Strong's History - Page 2 of 4

"… take a leisurely afternoon trip, or go longer distances for family trips or for business. The cost to rent a horse for a trip to nearby Phillips…"

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Maine's Road to Statehood - Maine in the 17th Century

"A significant distance from Boston, Mainers relied on whatever help they could receive.[3] Likely due to geographic distance than any conscious or…"

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Portland Press Herald Glass Negative Collection - Aviation

"It was also an ideal landing spot for long distance Atlantic flights, there was no need for the pilot to go further inland after the arduous journey."

My Maine Stories

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What did I do during the Covid quarantine?
by Nasser Rohani from Baha'i Community

Individuals response to Covid and social distancing.


Pandemic Blues
by Darlene Reardon

Covid 19 Portland poem


by Leslie

Having only moved to Maine alone 8 months prior, had to freeze my life