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Item 76336

Portable sawmill, Pleasant Lake, ca. 1910

Contributed by: An individual through Stetson Historical Society Date: circa 1910 Location: Stetson Media: Photographic print

Item 8009

Portable gate hoist

Contributed by: Maine Historical Society Date: circa 1900 Location: Portland Media: Photoprint

Item 19079

Portable fire pump, ca. 1930

Contributed by: Maine Forest Service Date: circa 1930 Media: Photographic print


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Civil Defense: Fear and Safety

In the 1950s and the 1960s, Maine's Civil Defense effort focused on preparedness for hurricanes, floods and other natural disasters and a more global concern, nuclear war. Civil Defense materials urged awareness, along with measures like storing food and other staple items and preparing underground or other shelters.


Wired! How Electricity Came to Maine

As early as 1633, entrepreneurs along the Piscataqua River in southern Maine utilized the force of the river to power a sawmill, recognizing the potential of the area's natural power sources, but it was not until the 1890s that technology made widespread electricity a reality -- and even then, consumers had to be urged to use it.


A City Awakes: Arts and Artisans of Early 19th Century Portland

Portland's growth from 1786 to 1860 spawned a unique social and cultural environment and fostered artistic opportunity and creative expression in a broad range of the arts, which flowered with the increasing wealth and opportunity in the city.

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Scarborough: They Called It Owascoag - A Look Inside the Classroom Over Time - Page 1 of 4

By 1930, most desks were portable, but were still used in the same way as the old desks and tables. However, in the 1960s, round tables became common…

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Mount Desert Island: Shaped by Nature - Summary: The Future: Recycle or Start from Scratch?

… along with power assembly tools including portable saws and nail guns make a compelling argument to just tear down and haul off the older buildings…

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Farmington: Franklin County's Shiretown - Chester Greenwood

… things – a pipe vise, an umbrella holder, and a portable camp. These were never patented. He built a beautiful Victorian house for his family.