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Item 98598

Sugarloaf Mountain, Dixfield, ca. 1900

Contributed by: Dixfield Historical Society Date: circa 1900 Location: Dixfield Media: Postcard

Item 62841

Map of "The Plains," Waterville, 1911

Contributed by: Waterville Public Library Date: 1911 Location: Waterville; Waterville; Waterville Media: Ink on paper

Item 101275

Matthew Thornton on congressional activity, Philadelphia, 1776

Contributed by: Maine Historical Society Date: 1776-11-12 Location: Philadelphia Media: Ink on paper

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Westbrook Seminary: Educating Women

Westbrook Seminary, built on Stevens Plain in 1831, was founded to educate young men and young women. Seminaries traditionally were a form of advanced secondary education. Westbrook Seminary served an important function in admitting women students, for whom education was less available in the early and mid nineteenth century.


Memorializing Civil War Veterans: Portland & Westbrook

Three cemeteries -- all of which were in Westbrook during the Civil War -- contain headstones of Civil War soldiers. The inscriptions and embellishments on the stones offer insight into sentiments of the eras when the soldiers died.


"We are growing to be somewhat cosmopolitan..." Waterville, 1911

Between 1870 and 1911, Waterville more than doubled in size, becoming a center of manufacturing, transportation, and the retail trade and offering a variety of entertainments for its residents.

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Blue Hill, Maine - Mathematician

Mathematician Plain Scale, Cambridge, 1791 Item 33917 infoJonathan Fisher Memorial, Inc. This plain scale drawing, made by Fisher as a…

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Historic Clothing Collection - 1890-1900 - Page 1 of 3

… Historical Society The 1890s are defined by plain skirts, the rapid rise and fall of the sleeve, and the increased availability of silk.

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Historic Clothing Collection - 1870-1890 - Page 3 of 4

… solid brown two-piece bustle dress with plain sleeves and basque, plain bustle, with a large cut velvet floral motif on the bodice and skirt. Dated…

My Maine Stories

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Ogunquit Beach Sonnet
by Shannon Schooley

Sonnet written for school when I was 12 years old.


The Wall
by Michael Uhl

What it means to have beaten the odds


The only letter to survive World War II
by Cyrene Slegona

Only one of many letters my father sent to his wife remained after he came home from World War II.