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Item 29335

Garden Entertainment, Blue Hill, ca. 1896

Contributed by: Blue Hill Historical Society Date: circa 1896 Location: Blue Hill Media: Photographic print

Item 20123

Dramatic entertainment flyer, York, 1869

Contributed by: Maine Historical Society Date: 1869 Location: York Media: Ink on paper

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Item 29412

Peak Sisters entertainment, North Turner, 1895

Contributed by: Turner Museum and Historical Society Date: 1895 Location: Turner Media: Photographic print


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Fair Season: Crops, Livestock, and Entertainment

Agricultural fairs, intended to promote new techniques and better farming methods, have been held since the early 19th century. Before long, entertainments were added to the educational focus of the early fairs.


Fallen Heroes: Jewish Soldiers and Sailors, The Great War

Thirty-four young Jewish men from Maine died in the service of their country in the two World Wars. This project, including a Maine Memory Network exhibit, is meant to say a little something about some of them. More than just names on a public memorial marker or grave stone, these men were getting started in adult life. They had newly acquired high school and college diplomas, they had friends, families and communities who loved and valued them, and felt the losses of their deaths.


"We are growing to be somewhat cosmopolitan..." Waterville, 1911

Between 1870 and 1911, Waterville more than doubled in size, becoming a center of manufacturing, transportation, and the retail trade and offering a variety of entertainments for its residents.

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Bath's Historic Downtown - Entertainment- Alameda and Opera House

Entertainment- Alameda and Opera House Text by Claire Keating and Billy Price 7th Grade students at Bath Middle School With images from the Patten…

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Bath's Historic Downtown - Student Exhibits

… Customs House Davenport Memorial and City Hall Entertainment Venues - Dreamland and Liberty Entertainment Venues - The Alameda and The Opera House…

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Bath's Historic Downtown - Dreamland and Liberty

… Market and it has absolutely nothing to do with entertainment. Dreamland Theater, Front Street, Bath, ca.

My Maine Stories

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Tapestry, Seine Twine and Burlesque
by Barbara Burns

My work as a tapestry artist and dancer in Maine.


21st and 19th century technology and freelance photography
by Brendan Bullock

My work is a mash-up of cutting edge technology and 19th century chemistry techniques.


One View
by Karen Jelenfy

My life as an artist in Maine.