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Item 10807

Carpet window, Atherton Furniture, Waterville, ca. 1910

Contributed by: Maine Historical Society Date: circa 1910 Location: Waterville Media: Photographic print

Item 8135

Sampson's Corner, Skowhegan, ca. 1900

Contributed by: Skowhegan History House Date: circa 1900 Location: Skowhegan; Skowhegan; Skowhegan Media: Photographic print

Item 15571

Valuable carpet, Portland, ca. 1900

Contributed by: Maine Historical Society Date: circa 1900 Location: Portland Media: Glass Negative

Tax Records

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Item 54934

Assessor's Record, 799 Forest Avenue, Portland, 1924

Owner in 1924: Ernest E. Clark Use: Storage & Carpet Cleaning

Item 55733

1179-1183 Forest Avenue, Portland, 1924

Owner in 1924: E.L. Watkins & Co. Use: Carpet House

Item 60048

125-127 Lancaster Street, Portland, 1924

Owner in 1924: Louis M. Christiansen Use: Shop - Carpet Cleaning


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Atherton Furniture

LeBaron Atherton's furniture empire consisted of ten stores, four of which were in Maine. The photos are reminiscent of a different era in retailing.


A Field Guide to Trolley Cars

Many different types of trolley cars -- for different weather, different uses, and different locations -- were in use in Maine between 1895-1940. The "field guide" explains what each type looked like and how it was used.


Away at School: Letters Home

Young men and women in the 19th century often went away from home -- sometimes for a few months, sometimes for longer periods -- to attend academies, seminaries, or schools run by individuals. While there, they wrote letters home, reporting on boarding arrangements and coursework undertaken, and inquired about the family at home.

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Site Page

Farmington: Franklin County's Shiretown - Franklin County Agricultural Fair

Also, quilts and spreads, carpets, rugs and plants, fancy work, taxidermy. The fair has been held every year since 1840 at the fair grounds on High…

Site Page

New Portland: Bridging the Past to the Future - New Portland Community Library

… finished and painted the interior and donated carpeting and other materials.   Meanwhile a library committee was established and they contacted…

Site Page

Western Maine Foothills Region - Dixfield's Church on the Hill

Carpeting and interior artistry during the late 1920’s and early '30s added yet much needed improvements.

Lesson Plans

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Lesson Plan

Bicentennial Lesson Plan

Teddy Roosevelt, Millie, and the Elegant Ride Companion Curriculum

Grade Level: 3-5, 6-8 Content Area: Social Studies
These lesson plans were developed by Maine Historical Society for the Seashore Trolley Museum as a companion curriculum for the historical fiction YA novel "Teddy Roosevelt, Millie, and the Elegant Ride" by Jean. M. Flahive (2019). The novel tells the story of Millie Thayer, a young girl who dreams of leaving the family farm, working in the city, and fighting for women's suffrage. Millie's life begins to change when a "flying carpet" shows up in the form of an electric trolley that cuts across her farm and when a fortune-teller predicts that Millie's path will cross that of someone famous. Suddenly, Millie finds herself caught up in events that shake the nation, Maine, and her family. The lesson plans in this companion curriculum explore a variety of topics including the history of the trolley use in early 20th century Maine, farm and rural life at the turn of the century, the story of Theodore Roosevelt and his relationship with Maine, WWI, and the flu pandemic of 1918-1920.