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Item 79556

Third Holly Inn, Christmas Cove, ca. 1930

Contributed by: South Bristol Historical Society Date: circa 1930 Location: South Bristol Media: Photographic print

Item 8335

Tenting Grounds at Old American Thread Bar Mill Grounds

Contributed by: Patten Lumbermen's Museum Date: 1927 Media: Photographic print

Item 4201

Dolley Carleton Sampler

Contributed by: Maine Historical Society Date: circa 1770 Media: Silk on linen


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The Jews of Maine

Like other immigrant groups, Jews came to Maine to make a living and enjoy the natural and cultural environment. Their experiences have been shaped by their occupational choices, Jewish values and, until recently, experiences of anti-Semitism.


A Soldier's Declaration of Independence

William Bayley of Falmouth (Portland) was a soldier in the Continental Army, seeing service at Ticonderoga, Valley Forge, Monmouth Court House, and Saratoga, among other locations. His letters home to his mother reveal much about the economic hardships experienced by both soldiers and those at home.


Wired! How Electricity Came to Maine

As early as 1633, entrepreneurs along the Piscataqua River in southern Maine utilized the force of the river to power a sawmill, recognizing the potential of the area's natural power sources, but it was not until the 1890s that technology made widespread electricity a reality -- and even then, consumers had to be urged to use it.

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Highlighting Historical Hampden - John Crosby

… Paper of Pins By 1/2 bushel of salt By a bunch of thread During the Revolutionary War, John Crosby was distinguished by promotion from Captain to…

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Lincoln, Maine - MacGregor's Spool Mill

These spool bars were sent to the Clark Thread Company of New Jersey to be threaded. In 1873-1875 a Scottish industrialist made visits to Lincoln on…

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Farmington: Franklin County's Shiretown - Brief History

… later, Francis Gould Butler picked up Parker’s threads and wove them into a quilt work tome carefully chronicling a century of facts, personalities…