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Item 35390

Crucifix belonging to Father John Bapst, ca. 1850

Contributed by: John Bapst Memorial High School Date: circa 1850 Location: Bangor Media: Wood

Item 11797

Van Buren to Saint Leonard Bridge, ca. 1930

Contributed by: Abel J. Morneault Memorial Library Date: circa 1930 Location: Van Buren; St. Leonard Media: Photographic print

Item 149022

Main Street, Saint Agatha, ca. 1940

Contributed by: Acadian Archives Date: circa 1940 Location: Saint Agatha Media: Photographic postcard

Architecture & Landscape

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Item 116274

St. Mary's Episcopal Chapel, Falmouth, 1901-1924

Contributed by: Maine Historical Society Date: 1901–1924 Location: Falmouth Client: The Episcopal Church of Saint Mary's Architect: John Calvin Stevens

Item 111319

Maine Building for Louisiana Purchase Exposition, St. Louis, 1903

Contributed by: Maine Historical Society Date: 1903–1904 Location: St. Louis Client: unknown Architect: John Calvin Stevens

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The Barns of the St. John River Valley: Maine's Crowning Jewels

Maine's St. John River Valley boasts a unique architectural landscape. A number of historical factors led to the proliferation of a local architectural style, the Madawaska twin barn, as well as a number of building techniques rarely seen elsewhere. Today, these are in danger of being lost to time.


La St-Jean in Lewiston-Auburn

St-Jean-Baptiste Day -- June 24th -- in Lewiston-Auburn was a very public display of ethnic pride for nearly a century. Since about 1830, French Canadians had used St. John the Baptist's birthdate as a demonstration of French-Canadian nationalism.


Aroostook County Railroads

Construction of the Bangor and Aroostook rail lines into northern Aroostook County in the early twentieth century opened the region to tourism and commerce from the south.

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Rum, Riot, and Reform - Acknowledgements

"… Madelyn Provancher Rumford Historical Society Saint Louis Art Museum Arlene Palmer Schwind W. M. Schwind, Jr."

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Beyond Borders - Mapping Maine and the Northeast Boundary - The Shaping of the Borderlands: Arcane Deeds and Failed Colonies - Page 5 of 5

"… one that was not even solved by identifying the Saint Croix River as the boundary. The fundamental issue was that, in the years since Champlain’s…"

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Rum, Riot, and Reform - Taverns, People, and Scenes

"… (1727-1792) Oil on bed ticking Collections of The Saint Louis Art Museum This vision of Yankee mariners in various states of inebriation includes a…"