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Item 31747

Powder House Hill, Hallowell, 1938

Contributed by: Hubbard Free Library Date: 1938-05-18 Location: Hallowell Media: Photographic print

Item 59805

Powder House Hill graduation picnic, Farmington State Normal School 1914

Contributed by: Mantor Library at UMF Date: 1914-06-06 Location: Farmington Media: Photographic print

Item 66438

Old Powder House, Eastport, ca. 1938

Contributed by: Boston Public Library Date: circa 1938 Location: Eastport Media: Linen texture postcard

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Home: The Longfellow House & the Emergence of Portland

The Wadsworth-Longfellow house is the oldest building on the Portland peninsula, the first historic site in Maine, a National Historic Landmark, home to three generations of Wadsworth and Longfellow family members -- including the boyhood home of the poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. The history of the house and its inhabitants provide a unique view of the growth and changes of Portland -- as well as of the immediate surroundings of the home.


Art of the People: Folk Art in Maine

For many different reasons people saved and carefully preserved the objects in this exhibit. Eventually, along with the memories they hold, the objects were passed to the Maine Historical Society. Object and memory, serve as a powerful way to explore history and to connect to the lives of people in the past.


The British capture and occupation of Eastport 1814-1818

The War of 1812 ended in December 1814, but Eastport continued to be under British control for another four years. Eastport was the last American territory occupied by the British from the War of 1812 to be returned to the United States. Except for the brief capture of two Aleutian Islands in Alaska by the Japanese in World War II, it was the last time since 2018 that United States soil was occupied by a foreign government.

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Historic Hallowell - Our Journey Home

Our Journey Home Written by Gerry Mahoney Powder House Hill, Hallowell, 1938Hubbard Free Library The history of Hallowell is one that is…

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Scarborough: They Called It Owascoag - A Look Inside the Classroom Over Time - Page 3 of 4

… to make, because the ink consisted of only ink powder and water mixed together, while in the country, it was made of lampblack or tannic acid from…

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Mount Desert Island: Shaped by Nature - More on the Old Ell

… Cup o' Soup, and Tang instant breakfast drink, or powdered hot cocoa. In honor of Mame's spirit of fun manifested largely through her love of…