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Item 15015

1914 Stanley Steamer Mountain Wagon

Contributed by: Seal Cove Auto Museum Date: 1914 Location: Seal Cove Media: Metal and Rubber

Item 25499

Delivery wagon, Poland Spring, 1887

Contributed by: Poland Spring Preservation Society Date: 1887 Location: Poland Spring Media: Photographic print

Item 11358

Stanley Mountain Wagon, Eustis, 1911

Contributed by: Stanley Museum Date: 1911-07-01 Location: Eustis Media: Photographic print

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Auto Racing in Maine: 1911

The novelty of organized auto racing came to Maine in 1911 with a hill-climbing event in Poland and speed racing at Old Orchard Beach. Drivers and cars came from all over New England for these events.


Umbazooksus & Beyond

Visitors to the Maine woods in the early twentieth century often recorded their adventures in private diaries or journals and in photographs. Their remembrances of canoeing, camping, hunting and fishing helped equate Maine with wilderness.


Maine Eats: the food revolution starts here

From Maine's iconic lobsters, blueberries, potatoes, apples, and maple syrup, to local favorites like poutine, baked beans, red hot dogs, Italian sandwiches, and Whoopie Pies, Maine's identity and economy are inextricably linked to food. Sourcing food, preparing food, and eating food are all part of the heartbeat of Maine's culture and economy. Now, a food revolution is taking us back to our roots in Maine: to the traditional sources, preparation, and pleasures of eating food that have sustained Mainers for millennia.

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Western Maine Foothills Region - Regional and Town History

… the lives lived above these cellar holes, or the wagons that dug these ruts. The team members of the Western Foothills History Project fall…

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Western Maine Foothills Region - Peru

… the township." Peru Center Ferry A horse and wagon are docking at the Peru Center Ferry landinfItem Contributed byPeru Historical Society The…

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Western Maine Foothills Region - Dixfield - Page 2 of 5

… Ruth Kidder: Often the team was harnessed and the wagon filled for a trip to White Cap in neighboring Rumford.

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A Maine Family's story of being Prisoners of War in Manila
by Nicki Griffin

As a child, born after the war, I would hear these stories - glad they were finally written down