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Item 10005

50th Anniversary of the Cunner Club, Cape Elizabeth, 1895

Contributed by: Maine Maritime Museum Date: 1895-08-06 Location: Cape Elizabeth Media: Ink on paper, manuscript

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Item 22383

North Yarmouth map, 1727

Contributed by: Maine Historical Society Date: 1727 Location: North Yarmouth; Falmouth; Freeport Media: Ink on paper

Item 105270

Manuscript map of Windham, 1872

Contributed by: Osher Map Library and Smith Center for Cartographic Education Date: circa 1740 Location: Windham Media: Ink on Paper

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Colonial Cartography: The Plymouth Company Maps

The Plymouth Company (1749-1816) managed one of the very early land grants in Maine along the Kennebec River. The maps from the Plymouth Company's collection of records constitute some of the earliest cartographic works of colonial America.


Horace W. Shaylor: Portland Penman

Horace W. Shaylor, a native of Ohio, settled in Portland and turned his focus to handwriting, developing several unique books of handwriting instruction. He also was a talented artist.


Northern Threads: Colonial and 19th century fur trade

A vignette in "Northern Threads: Two centuries of dress at Maine Historical Society Part 1," this fur trade mini-exhibition discusses the environmental and economic impact of the fur trade in Maine through the 19th century.

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Acadian Archives

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Home: The Wadsworth-Longfellow House and Portland - Census, Timeline

Census, Timeline Pages from the manuscript United States census, taken every 10 years, show the changing nature of the Longfellow household -- and…

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New Hampshire Historical Society

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Lesson Plan

Longfellow Studies: Longfellow and Dickens - The Story of a Trans-Atlantic Friendship

Grade Level: 9-12 Content Area: English Language Arts, Social Studies
What if you don't teach American Studies but you want to connect to Henry Wadsworth Longfellow in meaningful ways? One important connection is Henry's friendship with Charles Dickens. There are many great resources about Dickens and if you teach his novels, you probably already know his biography and the chronology of his works. No listing for his association with Henry appears on most websites and few references will be found in texts. However, journals and diary entries and especially letters reveal a friendship that allowed their mutual respect to influence Henry's work.