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Item 23490

Pressed flowers, ca. 1840

Contributed by: Maine Historical Society Date: circa 1841 Location: Gorham Media: Flowers, paper

Item 23491

Collage of pressed flowers, ca. 1846

Contributed by: Maine Historical Society Date: circa 1840 Location: Gorham; Cambridge Media: Plants, paper

Item 55049

Good Will Girl Laying Flowers on G.W. Hinckley's Grave, Fairfield, ca. 1965

Contributed by: L.C. Bates Museum / Good Will-Hinckley Homes Date: circa 1965 Location: Fairfield Media: Photographic print

Tax Records

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Item 76765

179 181 St. John Street, Portland, 1924

Owner in 1924: Imogene Flower Use: Dwelling - Single family

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A City Awakes: Arts and Artisans of Early 19th Century Portland

Portland's growth from 1786 to 1860 spawned a unique social and cultural environment and fostered artistic opportunity and creative expression in a broad range of the arts, which flowered with the increasing wealth and opportunity in the city.


Dressing Up, Standing Out, Fitting In

Adorning oneself to look one's "best" has varied over time, gender, economic class, and by event. Adornments suggest one's sense of identity and one's intent to stand out or fit in.


A Parade, an Airplane and Two Weddings

Two couples, a parade from downtown Caribou to the airfield, and two airplane flights were the scene in 1930 when the couples each took off in a single-engine plane to tie the knot high over Aroostook County.

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John Martin: Expert Observer - Annie Martin Snow casket, Bangor, 1889

… a wreath interspersed with roses and the choicest flowers, No 5 was I might say a mound of flowers presented by neighbours, friends from a broad."…

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Lincoln, Maine - Solomon's Store

The House of Crafts and Flowers sells flowers, jewelry, and craft materials. The comparison is very strong between Solomon Store and House of Crafts…

Site Page

John Martin: Expert Observer - Annie Martin as zephyr, Bangor, 1866

… Throwing blossoms all around," as they threw flower petals into the air. John Martin (1823-1904), a Bangor accountant and shopkeeper, drew the…

My Maine Stories

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In 1970 I served in Vietnam, and sent my parents a package
by Peter P. Joyce Jr.

My Parents' war story


How roses became a big part of my life
by Clarence Rhodes

Clarence Rhodes's experiences growing, exhibiting, and judging roses in Maine and around the world.


Black Lives Matter Protest Portland, Maine
by Joanne Arnold

Documenting the signage at Portland Police Station following the BLM Protests of June 2020