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Item 67670

Horace Kollack to his cousin John Bickford, Sacarappa, 1865

Contributed by: David Heath through Sebago Historical Society Date: 1865-02-15 Location: Westbrook; Sebago; Lynn Media: Ink on paper

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Item 11863

Enlistment and draft quotas, Houlton, 1864

Contributed by: Cary Library Date: 1864-07-01 Location: Houlton Media: Ink on paper

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Item 11855

Army enlistment form, Houlton, 1867

Contributed by: Cary Library Date: 1863-10-20 Location: Houlton; Augusta Media: Ink on paper

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Belfast During the Civil War: The Home Front

Belfast residents responded to the Civil War by enlisting in large numbers, providing relief from the home front to soldiers, defending Maine's shoreline, and closely following the news from soldiers and from various battles.


Maine's 20th Regiment

The War was not going well for the Union and in the summer of 1862, when President Lincoln called for an additional 300,000 troops, it was not a surprise to see so many men enlist in an attempt to bring proper leadership into the Army.


Capt. Grenville F. Sparrow, 17th Maine

Grenville F. Sparrow of Portland was 25 when he answered Lincoln's call for more troops to fight the Confederates. He enlisted in Co. A of Maine's 17th Volunteer Infantry regiment. He fought in 30 battles between 1862 and the war's end in 1865.

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Surry by the Bay - Phebe Fowler: A Woman of Property

Olin enlisted to serve in the Civil War at age 15. Several years Phebe’s junior, Olin became a distinguished Civil War soldier and ended the war six…

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Surry by the Bay - Early Twentieth Century

Many enlisted; others were drafted. Still others went to work in shipyards in Bath and South Portland and to other states.

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Strong, a Mussul Unsquit village - Online Items

This was called a Substitute Volunteer Enlistment. On September 5, 1864 at Auburn, eighteen year old James Skinner of Strong volunteered as a…

My Maine Stories

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USCG Boot Camp Experience, Vietnam War era
by Peter S. Morgan, Jr.

"Letters to the Wall" Memorial Day


Portland in the 1940s
by Carol Norton Hall

As a young woman in Portland during WWII, the presence of servicemen was life changing.


We will remember
by Sam Kelley

My service in the Vietnam War