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Item 18170

Sebago Post Office desk, ca. 1915

Contributed by: Sebago Historical Society Date: circa 1915 Location: Sebago Media: Wood

Item 51819

Secretary desk, Saco, 1907

Contributed by: Dyer Library/Saco Museum Date: 1907-09-02 Location: Saco Media: Photographic print

Item 1310

Desk, Dunnybrook, South Berwick, 1937

Contributed by: Maine Historical Society Date: 1937-07-31 Location: South Berwick Media: Photographic print

Architecture & Landscape

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Item 109386

Design for Writing Desk, 1879

Contributed by: Maine Historical Society Date: 1879 Client: unknown Architect: John Calvin Stevens

Item 109870

Cashiers Counter for Mr. E. Provost and Sons, Lewiston, 1896

Contributed by: Maine Historical Society Date: 1896 Location: Lewiston Client: Mr. E. Provost and Sons Architect: Coombs, Gibbs, and Wilkinson Architects

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Horace W. Shaylor: Portland Penman

Horace W. Shaylor, a native of Ohio, settled in Portland and turned his focus to handwriting, developing several unique books of handwriting instruction. He also was a talented artist.


Reading, Writing and 'Rithmetic: Brooklin Schools

When Brooklin, located on the Blue Hill Peninsula, was incorporated in 1849, there were ten school districts and nine one-room school houses. As the years went by, population changes affected the location and number of schools in the area. State requirements began to determine ways that student's education would be handled. Regardless, education of the Brooklin students always remained a high priority for the town.


Back to School

Public education has been a part of Maine since Euro-American settlement began to stabilize in the early eighteenth century. But not until the end of the nineteenth century was public education really compulsory in Maine.

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Blue Hill, Maine - Craftsman

Craftsman Item 34813 infoJonathan Fisher Memorial, Inc. Hidden (secret) drawer in children's desk

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Blue Hill, Maine - Craftsman

Craftsman Drop Front Desk, Blue Hill ca. 1800 Item 33904 infoJonathan Fisher Memorial, Inc. This drop-front desk is an example of fine…

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Blue Hill, Maine - Craftsman

Craftsman Children's Desk with secret drawer, Blue Hill, ca. 1800 Item 33902 infoJonathan Fisher Memorial, Inc.

My Maine Stories

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Classroom Time Capsule
by Anna Bennett

On March 12, 2020, I left my classroom not knowing I wouldn't return again for months.