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Item 19201

The Congregational and Episcopal Churches in Bar Harbor, ca. 1920

Contributed by: Jesup Memorial Library Date: circa 1920 Location: Bar Harbor; Eden Media: Postcard

Item 7593

Pine Street Congregational Church, Lewiston

Contributed by: Lewiston Public Library Date: circa 1900 Media: Phototransparency

Item 46170

Three churches, Lubec, ca. 1907

Contributed by: Lubec Historical Society Date: 1907 Location: Lubec Media: Postcard

Tax Records

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Item 36767

14 Church Street, Portland, 1924

Owner in 1924: Heirs of Harrison J. Libby Use: Storehouse

Item 44883

16 Church Street, Portland, 1924

Owner in 1924: William A Guptill Use: Dwelling - Single family

Item 91772


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West Baldwin Methodist Church

The West Baldwin Methodist Church, founded in 1826, was one of three original churches in Baldwin. While its location has remained the same, the church has undergone numerous changes to serve the changing community.


La Basilique Lewiston

Like many cities in France, Lewiston and Auburn's skylines are dominated by a cathedral-like structure, St. Peter and Paul Church. Now designated a basilica by the Vatican, it stands as a symbol of French Catholic contributions to the State of Maine.


Father John Bapst: Catholicism's Defender and Promoter

Father John Bapst, a Jesuit, knew little of America or Maine when he arrived in Old Town in 1853 from Switzerland. He built churches and defended Roman Catholics against Know-Nothing activists, who tarred and feathered the priest in Ellsworth in 1854.

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Lincoln, Maine - Methodist Church

The church was built when William Marsh was pastor. It is located at the intersection of Lee Road and Main Street.

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Lincoln, Maine - Catholic Church

… two A priest built a peaceful church In 1902 A church was risen Used the reverend John Bapst The church will not fall Works Cited Fellows, M.D…

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Bath's Historic Downtown - Church Block

The Church Block was built in 1863, right after the Universalist Church was torn down. When the Universalist Church was torn down, the Sagadahoc Club…

My Maine Stories

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Rev James Wells Appointment as Chaplain for Maine in Civil War
by David Woodward

Certificate for Rev. Wells commissioned by Gov. Israel Washburn Jr. to serve in Maine 11th Regiment


30 years of work at Mercy
by Gordon Davis

Gordon Davis recounted anecdotes from his thirty years of employment at Mercy Hospital


60 years as a Sister of Mercy
by Sister Miriam Callnan

Sister Callnan discussed her 60 years as a member of the Sisters of Mercy.