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Portland History: Lemuel Moody and the Portland Observatory

Greater Portland Landmarks, Cumberland County



  • Social Studies -- Geography
  • Social Studies -- History

1 day

  • 1775-1850
  • Economy
  • Environment/The Land
  • The People/Peopling of Maine

Lemuel Moody and the Portland Observatory Included are interesting facts to share with your students and for students, an interactive slide show available on-line at Maine Memory Network. The "Images" slide show allows students to place historical images of the Observatory in a timeline. Utilizing their observation skills students will place these images in chronological order by looking for changes within the built environment for clues. Also available is the "Maps" slide show, a series of maps from key eras in Portland's history. Students will answer the questions in the slide show to better understand the topography of Portland, the need for an Observatory and the changes in the landscape and the population centers.

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A resource developed by Greater Portland Landmarks with the support of the Rines-Thompson Foundation and Maine Memory Network