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Longfellow's Ripple Effect: Journaling With the Poet - "The Fire of Drift-Wood"

Kelly Clark McQuarrie


6-8, 9-12, Postsecondary

  • English Language Arts -- Reading
  • Social Studies -- History

1-2 days

  • 1775-1850
  • 1851-1920
  • Arts

This lesson is part of a series of six lesson plans that will give students the opportunity to become familiar with the works of Longfellow while reflecting upon how his works speak to their own experiences.

  • Students will reflect on the poem and create a watercolor image.

Materials required:
Journal or writing paper
Various craft supplies: glue, scissors, ribbon
Watercolor paints and paper

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A resource developed through the "Longfellow & the Forging of American Identity" program funded by NEH