Hollingsworth & Whitney Co. main office, Winslow, ca. 1905


The main office for the Hollingsworth & Whitney Paper Company was located at the entrance to the mill complex on the east side of the Kennebec River. Over the years there were renovations to the original structure.

The present building is on the same land area as the original building and parking areas. The double window dormer at the top and the triangular roof to the left of the dormer still remain visible in the current structure.

The logs beyond the office building were tree-length. That was originally how the logs were floated down the river to the mill. In later practice, the logs were sawed into shorter lengths, as it was easier to move down river.

Hollingsworth & Whitney became a division of Scott Paper Company in the early 1950s; Kimberly-Clark bought the mill from Scott Paper around 1994-95. In 1997, Kimberly-Clark finally closed the mill and stripped much equipment from the complex.

In 2012, the mill buildings served as inventory storage for the Marden's salvage store chain and various small manufacturing companies.

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