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"Mineola," Friendship, ca. 1915

Contributed by Friendship Museum
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The <em>Mineola</em> was built in 1901 for Captain I. E. Achibald at Port Clyde, and was designed especially for the rough Portland-Rockland run with its many harbors. That run was later extended to include Eastport and Jonesport.

The <em>Mineola</em> weighed 367 gross tons, was 121 feet long, had a 26-foot beam, was 9.6-feet deep, and had a 450-horsepower motor.

The town of Friendship had a special affection for the <em>Mineola</em>. It was thought to be a good money maker, warm and comfortable, and felt like home. When the <em>Mineola</em> was spotted coming into Friendship harbor, villagers flocked to the Jameson & Wotton Wharf.

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