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Shaylor the Penman

"Book of Alphabets," 1908

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Like the history of handwriting, Shaylor's methods developed over time. He established three main handwriting styles: 1) slant variety 2) vertical 3) medial.

Medial handwriting was the most simplified version of the three. It was directed toward beginners and school children first learning the craft.

Medial handwriting was so popular Shaylor published a manual in both English and Spanish.

All of Shaylor’s handwriting styles put emphasis on five focal points:

Legibility -- simpler forms, shorter letters, wider spaces

Rapidity -- less distance traveled, greater freedom of movement

Economy -- save space and time by omitting superfluous strokes, more words on a line, more lines on a page

Beauty -- greater uniformity and simplicity

Hygiene -- position more healthful, strain on eyes spared

Many of Shaylor's publications give additional lessons on letter shading, spacing, slant and style.

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