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Most Inconvenient Storm, 1886

Carleton Street, Portland, 1886

Carleton Street, Portland, 1886

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"At the signal service station Observer Kinney reported he experienced a terrible day Thursday and more so during the night.

"When making his trips to the roof to take observations he had to go armed with an axe with which to cut open the hatchways and signal offices.

"The new storm signal flag was torn in shreds and fell into the street, and the lantern had to be tied to the mast.

"He states that the rainfall was 1 1/4 inches."

The storm hit other Maine cities and towns as well, damaging many deciduous trees and especially harming fruit orchards.

An item in the Portland Daily Press from Richmond stated: "The memory of the oldest inhabitant must be heavily taxed to recall a storm to compare with the rain and sleet storm of yesterday and last night."

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