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Hermann Kotzschmar: Portland's Musical Genius

Town Market, Finsterwalde, Germany

Town Market, Finsterwalde, Germany

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Johann Carl Hermann Kotzschmar was born on July 4, 1829 in the German town of Finsterwalde, between the musical and artistic centers of Leipzig, Dresden and Berlin.

Finsterwalde, a manufacturing town, was a gathering place for surrounding farmers to sell their produce at market.

Hermann was the first child of Johann Gottfried Kotzschmar, who held the office of Stadtmusiker (city musician) in Finsterwalde, as had his father before him.

Both elders taught Hermann to play several instruments, including the violin, keyboard, flute and horn.

Because he was precocious musically, Hermann was sent to Dresden at the age of 14 to study with Julius Otto, a renowned choral conductor and teacher.

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