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Item 14616

Child's snowshoes, Fort Kent, ca. 1920

Contributed by: Fort Kent Historical Society Date: circa 1920 Location: Fort Kent Media: wood , leather

Item 79928

Peary snowshoes, Norway, ca. 1905

Contributed by: Norway Historical Society Date: circa 1905 Location: Norway Media: Photographic print

Item 80713

Penobscot snowshoes, ca. 1850

Contributed by: Abbe Museum Date: circa 1850 Location: Indian Island Media: ash, hide, sinew


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Les Raquetteurs

In the early 1600s, French explorers and colonizers in the New World quickly adopted a Native American mode of transportation to get around during the harsh winter months: the snowshoe. Most Northern societies had some form of snowshoe, but the Native Americans turned it into a highly functional item. French settlers named snowshoes "raquettes" because they resembled the tennis racket then in use.


Remembering Mellie Dunham: Snowshoe Maker and Fiddler

Alanson Mellen "Mellie" Dunham and his wife Emma "Gram" Dunham were well-known musicians throughout Maine and the nation in the early decades of the 20th century. Mellie Dunham also received fame as a snowshoe maker.


The Arrival of Winter

The astronomical arrival of winter -- also known as the winter solstice -- marks the year's shortest day and the season of snow and cold. It usually arrives on December 21.

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Mount Desert Island: Shaped by Nature - In the beginning, there were the Wabanaki…

Penobscot snowshoes, ca. 1850Item Contributed byAbbe Museum With the Europeans came new diseases and colonial wars.

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Mount Desert Island: Shaped by Nature - …then came the settlers…

… Indians camping nearby taught him how to make snowshoes, woodsplint baskets, and a scoop net for fishing. Other settlers followed.

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Norway Historical Society

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My father's world - the old farm in Richmond, Maine
by Donald C. Cunningham

A story about my father and our family.