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Item 79567

Award to Harvey Gamage, South Bristol, 1969

Contributed by: South Bristol Historical Society Date: 1969-10-24 Location: South Bristol Media: ink on paper

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Item 80032

Purple Heart citation for John Edward Barry, 1947

Contributed by: Mexico Historical Society Date: 1945-01-02 Location: Newburgh Media: Text

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Item 15691

Jane Jeffrey citation, 1918

Contributed by: Maine Historical Society Date: 1919-02-14 Location: Poland Spring Media: Ink on paper


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Civil War Soldiers Impact Pittsfield

Although not everyone in town supported the war effort, more than 200 Pittsfield men served in Civil War regiments. Several reminders of their service remain in the town.


A Town Is Born: South Bristol, 1915

After being part of the town of Bristol for nearly 150 years, residents of South Bristol determined that their interests would be better served by becoming a separate town and they broke away from the large community of Bristol.

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Historic Hallowell - Hallowell Floods Citations

… Hallowell Floods Citations WEBSITES: Dartmouth Flood Observatory, published July 2003, 1987 Global Register of Extreme Flood Events…

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Historic Hallowell - Industry on the Bombahook Citations

Industry on the Bombahook Citations Activities Along the Bombahook. N.p.: n.p., n.d. Alden, Andrew. " Abrasive Minerals." 25 Apr. 2011.

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Historic Hallowell - Cotton Mill & Johnson Shoe Citations

Cotton Mill & Johnson Shoe Citations Annual Reports. Hallowell: City Council of Hallowell, 1911. “” n.d. (accessed Mar.

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Memories of a mission in Vietnam, January 11, 1970
by SGT. Ronald Santerre, 1st Calvary Division

Extracting villagers from the Viet Cong in Vietnam