Camp Winnebago recording of Buckle Down Winnebago

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Recording of campers from Camp Winnebago in Fayette singing "Buckle Down Winnebago," the third song on side 1 of the vinyl record produced for the camp in 1964. The song is introduced by Geoff Zola.

Camp Winnebago was founded on the shores of Echo Lake in 1919 and is a camp for boys ages 8 - 15.

Words to "Buckle Down Winnebago"

Buckle down, Winnebago, Buckle down;
you can win, Winnebago, if you knuckle down.
If you break their necks, if you make them wrecks,
You can break the hex, so buckle down!
Make 'em yell, Winnebago, make 'em yell.
You can win, Winnebago, if you ring the bell.
If you don't give in, take it on the chin,
You are bound to win, if you will only buckle down!
If you fight you'll chuckle at defeat.
If you fight, your luck'll not retreat. We repeat.
You can win, Winnebago, if you buckle down.
If you mow them down, if you go to town,
You can wear the crown, if you will only buckle down.

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