A Parade, an Airplane and Two Weddings

Olson-Oberg aerial wedding, Caribou, 1930

Olson-Oberg aerial wedding, Caribou, 1930

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Flying was still a novelty in 1930 when two couples in Aroostook County decided to have a double aerial wedding.

Etta Olson and Roy S. Oberg of New Sweden and Frances J. Bragdon and George H. Cone of Ashland left from the Vaughn house in Caribou, traveling in flower-laden vehicles and followed by dozens of other vehicles and numerous persons as they headed to the Caribou airport on June 5, 1930.

The pilot, identified in the film, was W. Gerbrach. He took each couple and their wedding party up separately and a minister who accompanied them performed the weddings. The couples then greeted friends on the ground.

Other details about the weddings and participants are unknown.

The title on the film identifies the bride as Etta Olson while Maine marriage records list her name as "Anna."

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